Jacoby Jones Gives Amazing Drunk Interview On Live TV [VIDEO]
Everyone knows the best time to get a straight talking sports superstar is at the end of the game. However if this athlete is not playing the game like Jacoby Jones here then you may want to bump that interview up. Maybe waiting till the end of the fourth quarter after Jacoby was about 7 hurric…
Buddy The Elf Arrested For Drunk Driving
The worst part about getting pulled over for drunk driving while dressed as Will Ferrell’s character from the movie “Elf” is your mug shot immediately goes viral. Thus is story of this Louisiana man Brandon Touchet.
Reasons Why Dalton Should Never Drink And Tweet
Drinking and tweeting are two of my favorite things but I’m slowly learning that these are not too things I should at the same time. Tweeting while drunk is a lot like kissing your attractive cousin, sure it seems fun at the time but in the morning you know you’re jus…
Man Steals Limo Full Of Women In Saratoga
Tyler Bellick of Schenectady is what I would call an opportunist. You see an opportunity to increase the number of women you have from 0 to a limo full, you take it! Increasing the amount of women you have stockpiled in a stolen limo only helps your odds of getting laid or finding true love that nig…
Drunk Woman Picks Fight, Punches Baby
Ever been so drunk you tried to pick a fight with someone? Jessica Diaz did just that, except she picked a fight with a woman holding a baby. Words were exchanged and then things get a bit crazy.

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