What Type of Drunk Are You? [Poll]
One of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves when drinking is what kind of drunk they really are. Case and point a new study where most people believe they are a 'happy' drunk.
Drunk Russians Drag Their Friend Home By His Legs
Ever have one of those knockdown, dragged out drunken night? How did it end? Did you wake up in your friends bathroom hugging the toilet? How did you get home?
Hopefully it didn't end like this poor fella in Russia. Instead of getting a cab or even a shopping cart to get home, these fine gents d…
Jacoby Jones Gives Amazing Drunk Interview On Live TV [VIDEO]
Everyone knows the best time to get a straight talking sports superstar is at the end of the game. However if this athlete is not playing the game like Jacoby Jones here then you may want to bump that interview up. Maybe waiting till the end of the fourth quarter after Jacoby was about 7 hurric…

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