Oregon Couple Tips Waitress With Crystal Meth
Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37 were recently arrested for the tip the left their waitress at a local steak house. What really confuses me is I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean these folks were super generous and left the slandered 15 percent in crystal meth gratuity.
‘Have You Seen My Weed:’ The Social Experiment
Here is another entertaining social experiment. This time, instead of someone dropping a wallet or overweight guys picking up women, we got two Russian guys dropping bags of weed. You will be surprised to see who gives it back and who keeps it.
Teen Pot Dealer Busted In East Greenbush
Halloween night, police officers decided to trick-or-treat at the house with the best goodies: 17-year-old Jacob Ruth’s house. These lucky police officers side-stepped crappy Sugar Daddys and peanut chew bars and hit the jackpot when they raided the house to find a buttload of p…
Waterford: Small Town With Big City Problems?
We all know Waterford, that small peaceful town located where the Hudson River, Mohawk River, and the Erie canal meet. A picturesque town where two things are almost guaranteed to happen every year, fall flooding and the steam boat meet.
Interruptive this Dance Or Bad Trip? [VIDEO]
It’s time to play everybody’s favorite game “Good Dance or Bad Trip”. It’s the game show where we watch a dude flat out lose his mind outside a Popeye’s chicken restaurant and determine if it is artistic or c…

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