Getting High On Bed Bugs: I Guess This is A Thing? [VIDEO]
Kids will be kids, doing all sorts of crazy stuff. They throw caution to the wind and act rather than thinking things through. That's part of being a kid, no? But when it comes to getting high on bed bugs, kids, what the hell are you thinking?
690 Bags Of Heroin Hidden In 5-Year-Old’s Car Seat
In what can be called the saddest story of 2014 already, Vermont State Police pulled over a 33-year-old woman who happened to be traveling north on 91 with her five year-old daughter Saturday for a marked lane violation and defective equipment.
Pittsburgh McDonald’s Sells Heroin In Happy Meals
Hands down the happiest meal you will ever receive from a drive through comes from this McDonald's in Pittsburgh. Earlier this week Shania Dennis from East Pittsburgh was arrested in a bust involving heroin being dealt from a drive-thru window at McDonald's...

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