What Type of Drunk Are You? [Poll]
One of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves when drinking is what kind of drunk they really are. Case and point a new study where most people believe they are a 'happy' drunk.
Reasons Why Dalton Should Never Drink And Tweet
Drinking and tweeting are two of my favorite things but I’m slowly learning that these are not too things I should at the same time. Tweeting while drunk is a lot like kissing your attractive cousin, sure it seems fun at the time but in the morning you know you’re jus…
Drunk Guy Fails At Eating [VIDEO]
I guess we've all been there. Sitting on the bus, all hammered, trying to enjoy a late night 'wow I need to eat cause I'm out of it' snack.  Cause you know, there's nothing like grub after a night of drinking. Then there's this dude.
How To Make Homemade Booze?
Picture cartons of juice, condoms, yeast, and god knows what else all displayed on a table. While doing that, think about how awesome (sarcasm) you would feel the next day after getting crunk on what seems like a s--- ton of homemade prison booze. Add in the cost of said products and well:  Rem…
Your Personality Can Dictate What Kind of Drunkard You Are
We all know people who when drunk turn in to the "I love you man"or the "I'm drunk so let's fight" person or even that person who will sleep with anything that moves. Well it turns out that our brain chemistry has something to do with how we act when we&…

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