What Type of Drunk Are You? [Poll]
One of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves when drinking is what kind of drunk they really are. Case and point a new study where most people believe they are a 'happy' drunk.
Reasons Why Dalton Should Never Drink And Tweet
Drinking and tweeting are two of my favorite things but I’m slowly learning that these are not too things I should at the same time. Tweeting while drunk is a lot like kissing your attractive cousin, sure it seems fun at the time but in the morning you know you’re jus…
Drunk Guy Fails At Eating [VIDEO]
I guess we've all been there. Sitting on the bus, all hammered, trying to enjoy a late night 'wow I need to eat cause I'm out of it' snack.  Cause you know, there's nothing like grub after a night of drinking. Then there's this dude.
How To Make Homemade Booze?
Picture cartons of juice, condoms, yeast, and god knows what else all displayed on a table. While doing that, think about how awesome (sarcasm) you would feel the next day after getting crunk on what seems like a s--- ton of homemade prison booze. Add in the cost of said products and well:  Rem…

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