German Shepherd Puppy Drives Car Into Pond [Video]
Oh, puppies. What's not to love? They're adorable and cute and cuddly and adorable.
Sure, every now and then they'll chew up a pair of your shoes or poop on your pillow, but one look at those adorable puppy eyes and all is well.
But what if your puppy inadvertently drives your car into …
Jenga Dog Versus Jenga Cat [Video/Poll]
On Thursday, we posted a video of a dog BASE jumping and wingsuit flying.
We also posted a video a couple days ago of a cat, Moe, playing Jenga.
Although this dog is not as extreme as the BASE jumper, it still may be just as cute. Nana shows you that dogs may be just as good at playing games with you.
World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog [Video]
Maybe you're someone who has dabbled with the thought of doing something as crazy as BASE jumping.
Maybe you're just someone who loves coming to our site for the cutest animal videos ever posted online.
Well, if you fit either of those descriptions, this video is for you. It puts this guy&ap…

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