Capital Region Restaurants Open Christmas Day
Not a cook? No desire to host a holiday feast?  Don't want to deal with extended family at your house?  Or maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas and just want to go out to eat. Rejoice!   Yelp has put together a list of Capital Region restaurants open on Christmas Da…
Fun With Mashed Potatoes (Video)
In my quest to restore the American spirit of Thanksgiving, or the Spirit of America within Thanksgiving... I have discovered fun things to do with turkey, you can slurp it, and you can try to eat it all in one sitting.
I have yet to post anything about the mashed potatoes, until now...
Woman Uses Guys For Free Dinners, Never Puts Out
According to a recent study, Men expect sex after the third date while most women won't put out until the fifth date. That seems to work in favor of one New York woman who would go out on dates with guys just to get free meals.
Win VIP Dinner with Dee Snider & Family
Hey headbangers..It's the ultimate rock star hang! Dee Snider is rolling out the twisted red carpet to his front door and inviting you to join him at a special VIP dinner with his family at his house! Win airfare to New York, 2 nights in a swanky hotel,  tickets to Rock of Ages on Broadway…

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