UAlbany Cancels 2011 Fountain Day
Due to the St. Patrick's Day Kegs N' Eggs incident with several UAlbany students the University President has decided to suspend the annual Spring time celebration.
Valentines Day Boycott
Marc Rudov, a male rights activist and self proclaimed relationship expert from California wants males across America to boycott Valentines Day this year.
Looking For Valentines Day Tips? [Video]
So your trying to plan the perfect Valentines Day for your significant other.  Need some advice?  The good models at Victoria's Secret decided to give you some Do's and Don'ts to make February 14th just a little bit better.  Did I mention that they are giving the advice…
Verdict Is–Early Spring
The groundhog did not see his shadow this morning, which means early spring!  I don't know if I quite believe him by the looks of things outside though.