David Blaine

Seamus McQ’s Pot O’ Gold Has Been Found!
Seamus McQ's Pot O' Gold has been found!  Congratulations to Michael, the lucky winner who was able to figure out our video clues to find the Pot O'Gold.  Hidden outside of the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady , the Pot O' Gold contained pairs of tickets for:

Def Leppard and Journey at…
Ellis Hospital Unit Wins Work Day Distraction!!!
A HUGE congratulations to the Ellis Hospital Crisis Unit for winning this week's Q103 Work Day Distraction.  Jess and her hard working crew won a whole bunch of goodies- from tickets to David Blaine live at the Palace Theatre, to gift cards to to O'Toole's, and more...
Win Tickets This Week to see David Blaine in Albany!
Need a break from the work week?  How about getting your work place crashed- this week, by me- with tickets for YOU!  Celebrity magician David Blaine is coming to the Palace Theatre on June 26th, and you’ve got a shot to go!  David Blaine has been on national television and risen to the top of the m…
Photos Of David Blaine’s Million Volt Electrocution Stunt
Famed magician, David Blaine, is currently being electrocuted in the middle of New York City.  Blaine is atop a platform at Pier 54, encased in chain mail and is allowing a total of one million volts of electricity flow around him for 72 straight hours.