Brothers Look for Love on Craigslist By Posing as Centaurs
Despite possessing many positive qualities, brothers Dave and Mike found themselves date-less for their cousin's impending nuptials.
Having been told by the bride that dates are "mandatory" because she doesn't want them "harassing all of my friends all night" the pair took to Crai…
How Dating Actually Works [VIDEO]
Everyone has been involved in that awkward relationship at some point in time. This video takes you through it step by step, and it's actually kind of depressing.
The Best Cities For Singles
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we are sure that you are looking for a big date.  If you are single, the Albany area may not the best spot to pick up a guy or girl, but we aren't far from some of the best dating cities in the country.
Sinead O’Connor Is Single And Desperate
It's a real shocker that Sinead O'Connor is single after those crazy pictures of her new look appeared online.  She is however a single woman on the prowl, and she wants a man.  Sinead even set up a blog laying out exactly what she is looking for.
The Six Girls You Dated In College [VIDEO]
The folks at College Humor always have managed to come up with yet another witty and clever look at life. One of the things that makes this video so great is that it is loaded with honesty - these are in fact the girls you dated in college, if you were "dating...