Danielle Harris

Maria Brink or Christina Scabbia: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
After 5 days of voting. Hold on, let me start this over. After 5 days of dominating Pump or Dump I think it's important that we give HUGE (like Fuccillo) props to Danielle Harris. Like, 'woah girl welcome to the first ever 'Pump or Dump: Hall of Fame'.
Danielle Harris or Sophie Turner: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
When I conjured up this hypothetical poll I assumed the hottest most half naked chick in porn would be taking home the 'Pump or Dump' crown for weeks on end. Seriously, I had no idea a 'regular chick' (for lack of a better term) would catch your eye, and stay there. Like, right u…
Danielle Harris or Isis Taylor: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
Each night we do this little thing that involves two very lovely ladies, you voting, and of course: the thought of taking one home. That's the idea with 'Pump or Dump'. While the odds of actually taking one of these lovelies home to, you know, make sweet love would never happen, it is…
Danielle Harris or Simone Simons: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
I need to be straight up honest. After Alana Blanchard demolished Tera Patrick this past Wednesday I thought for sure, Danielle Harris would have been slaughtered, Michael Myers style, but let me tell you: I was proven wrong, dead wrong: No pun intended.
Alana Blanchard or Danielle Harris: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
Last night's edition of 'Pump or Dump' was an interesting one that's for sure. I assumed Tuesday night's 'Pump' Tera Patrick would have easily 'Dumped' Alana Blanchard with her bodacious beauty and a sleeve that well- Tera is fire all day! But hey, hold o…