Party Like A Peacock Today!
Today is Dalton's Birthday! Don't forget to wish him a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," but it has to be in all caps because he is getting older and may not be able to read your "happy birthday." See how that works? You could barely see that one.
Dalton Has A Spontaneous Moose Fight
Don’t you hate when you’re traveling to Maine and then you catch the stink eye from a no good jerk faced moose? Yeah I come across this problem a lot. This past weekend I decided to take a stand against a bully of a moose and stand up for all mankind...
Professional Wrestling Near Albany
Several former WWE  and current Ring of Honor stars are making their way to the Albany area and its a good couple of weeks to be a pro wrestling fan in eastern NY.
Monday through Friday I am in the studio for Q103 but on the weekends I'm traveling around with my tights and climbing into wre…

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