Male Version Of Hooters In Texas (Video)
A male version of Hooters is opening in Dallas, Texas of all places, and now I think I have to move to Dallas so I can get in line for a application before Eric Zane does. However I do feel that I am ahead of the game with image I found for this Blog.
‘Dallas’ Season 3: TNT Renews for Additional Year
Both the 'Dallas' legacy and TNT's revival of the long-running soap opera suffered an immense blow this past year when legendary actor and original series star Larry Hagman lost his battle with cancer. TNT managed to write the actor's death into a storyline for Havman's wily J.R. Ewing to exit the s…
Useless Superbowl Knowledge
After two weeks of hype, Superbowl XLV is tomorrow.  Amaze your friends at the gathering you attend with some useless Superbowl knowledge.
Stolen Identity Belonged To Wanted Man
This guy in Dallas, Texas was pulled over in a routine traffic stop.  He knew that he had a warrant for his arrest for a minor charge, so he used his cousin's name instead.  He was sure that his cousin had a clean record, he was a family man with a wife and kids.  His cousin had …