Costa Concordia Accident [VIDEOS]
A real life modern day Titanic. A cruise ship carrying over four thousand people ran aground off the coast of Italy.  Most of those on board were rescued, but there are many still unaccounted for.  After the ship hit rocks, it listed and then flipped on its side trapping passengers.  …
First Ever Kiss Kruise Departs Oct 13th
I’m shocked on two accounts about this. 1st, it's usually washed up 80's bands that can't even fill half of a club show that try this, not bands that sell out arenas year after year. 2nd, I can't figure out why it took Kiss so long to get put one of these together…
Get Shiprocked!
In case you missed Buckcherry, Hinder, Hellyeah, Sevendust and In This Moment when they played the Capital Region recently, you can get shiprocked with them on a cruise.
Seven Day Cruise Winner
Congratulations to Vinnie Corrodore! He is the Q Army member that won a won a 7 day cruise with stops in Cozumel and Puerto Costa Maya from Q103 and McGeary’s Travel. It pays to listen to Albany’s rock station, and to be a member of the Q Army.

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