The Perfect Crime
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they were taking callers on "The Perfect Crime." I have the perfect crime, we will turn Upstate New York into a giant garden. I don't know if it is illegal to plant fruit and vegetables where ever you want, if a law does exist that prevents thi…
Woman’s Pants Fall Off mid Robbery [VIDEO]
When you are attempting to commit a robbery it's important to wear the appropriate attire. Robberies are illegal so there is a good chance you might need to run away. This women must not know what she is doing is wrong and there for never considered that she might want to wear some shorts that …
New Police Radar Can See Inside Your Home [Video]
Bad news for privacy fans: The police are getting their hands on a new piece of handheld technology designed to peer through walls.
The highly-sensitive radar can detect movement as subtle as breathing from up to 50 feet away through solid concrete, USA Today and Atlanta's WXIA-TV report.

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