Prison Fails to Rehabilitate Man On How To Purchase Shoes
I'm sure most of this is correct. 15 years ago a guy goes to a shoe store in Toms River Jersey (I'm not gonna give them the free plug like the video below). Somehow the purchase goes terribly wrong, there's a knife involved, guy gets put in prison for 15 years...
Cop Dive-Tackles Man On Pedal Bike [VIDEO]
San Fran and Oakland football scouts I hope you're reading this. You really need to head to Sacramento and interview/try out a cop who tackles like LT from back in the day, minus the white powdery stuff. I'm serious, this dude needs a chance and frankly, he deserves a chance.
Bad Parking Job Lands Wanted Man In Jail
Don't you hate those guys that take up two spots when they park. Like their car is that important they need to make sure no one else parks near it. Well doing just that landed a Richmondville man in jail.

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