Vermont Woman Acquitted of Attempted Murder of Police Officer
Well, it's safe to say jurors in an attempted murder case in Vermont were high as hell when they acquitted a woman charged with attempted murder of a police officer after video shows the woman walking up behind the officer and putting a knife to his throat.
Albany Man Charged With Robbing Little Old Lady
A 21-year-old man allegedly robbed an 89-year-old woman on New Scotland Avenue, near Quail Street, May 19. It's sad too. The mugging and where it took place, that section of Albany is a fairly decent part of the city.
Saratoga Man Makes A Crunch Office Supreme
There are a lot of weird stories out in the world, but it's nice to know we can still hold our own here in the Capitol Region. Last week a man was arrested for a break-in that happened in March. He broke into Sotheby's International Real Estate in Saratoga springs, and then decid…
Baby Cleared of Murder Charges
Let's start with me pleading ignorance on Pakistan. Like most Americans, I barley know about the state I live in, let alone a different country. What I do know about Pakistan as of today, their justice system isn't totally awful, and that flies in the face of everything I thought I didn&ap…

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