Adirondack High: Almost 180 Pounds of Pot Seized in NY
Talk about a fresh mountain high!
Almost 180 pounds of pot were seized in the Adirondack Mountains.  What's going to happen with all of that pot?  Who knows.  But we do know, according to News 10 abc, that 178 pounds of marijuana were seized over a five day period by Border P…
NY Is Spending Millions To Help Domestic Violence Victims
Well this is a big announcement- New York State is putting millions towards helping domestic violence and sexual assault victims.
Five million dollars to be exact.  According to News 10 abc, the Governor’s Office announced that five million dollars of funding is going toward…
ISIS-Inspired Terrorist Plot Foiled Near the Capital Region
Located about an hour from the Capital Region, an Adams, Massachusetts man was prosecuted for planning a terrorist attack.
Reported by News 10 abc, this unfortunate news is both scary and horrifying.  However, it's inspiring that the terrorist was caught and the attack foiled...
FBI SWAT Training Site is Coming to the Capital Region
It's almost as if we're on one of those television crime shows- because one area of the Capital Region is being turned into a SWAT training site for the FBI!
According to the Times Union, a former warehouse in Colonie located on Arrowhead Lane is going to be converted into a training s…
You Won’t Believe What Animal A NY Woman Got In Trouble For
A Catskill woman got in trouble for having a pair of animals in her home, and you won’t believe what they were.
I mean, seriously, who wants to keep one of these, let alone two, in their home.  I get having odd pets like snakes and stuff, but a Catskill woman and her son totally …
Capital Region Lawyer Arrested for Selling Heroin
A Capital Region lawyer was arrested on numerous drug charges, including selling heroin out of her law office.
This story is frankly so awful to me.  As reported by News 10 abc, a Cohoes lawyer was arrested by the Albany County Sheriff's Office on multiple drug charges...
Arrests Made After People Climbed An Albany Landmark
But why would grown adults even want to do this?!
According to News 10 abc, four people were arrested for climbing to the top of a Capital Region landmark.  Two of the four people were charged with criminal trespassing, while two others decided to spray paint some graffiti...
Another Capital Region Killer Gets Released on Parole
After being denied parole four times, a Capital Region killer has been released.
One would think a horrific murder would be enough to spend the rest of your life in prison.  But apparently, the murder of your wife, placing her body in a car trunk, and lying about it in public is not...
Police Can Now Use a Smartphone App to Catch a Fake ID
It's getting harder to get away with a fake ID with new technology.
Times have definitely changed since I was under 21.  According to a post on, about a twitter post by the New York State DMV, Governor Cuomo has approved police using new technology to catch fake ID&a…
Capital Region Uber Driver Reportedly Stole Passenger Credit Card
I guess that could make an Uber ride a whole lot more expensive!
According to News 10 abc, a Capital Region Uber driver is being charged with stealing a passenger’s credit card. The driver, Donald Smith Jr., reportedly took a credit card out of a purse that had been left in his U…
Infamous Schenectady Baby Killer Soon To Be Free
A Schenectady woman convicted 30 years ago of killing her infant daughter and long suspected in the deaths of her other children, has been granted parole and could be back in the area soon, living with her husband in Duanseburg.

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