Icelandic Police Kill Armed Man For The First Time Ever
I’m very confused by this story, does this mean that the police in Iceland have been doing something right for so many years or doing things very wrong? Apparently in all the years of the existence of Icelandic police there has never been a time when they have shot and killed a &ldqu…
Anti-Rape Underwear Is Real? [VIDEO]
Is this new anti-rape underwear for real? I’m all about a product that helps further protect women from horrific monsters, but the way that this product is being presented raises a few questions.
Teen Pot Dealer Busted In East Greenbush
Halloween night, police officers decided to trick-or-treat at the house with the best goodies: 17-year-old Jacob Ruth’s house. These lucky police officers side-stepped crappy Sugar Daddys and peanut chew bars and hit the jackpot when they raided the house to find a buttload of p…

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