conspiracy theory

Russia Fools Dick Tracy and Hacks the Oscars
Dick Tracy remembered where he had parked the Squad Car but he could not remember what envelope he had in his hands at the 2017 Academy Awards and an anonymous source, who insisted that they are not Madonna wearing a faceless mask, has indicated that the Russians are behind it.
The Pop Culture Conspiracy (Video)
DJ Supreme thinks that I'm crazy! I think that I am on to something and I am making 'them' nervous, because I have been saying it for years: this is how they collectively 'dumb it down' sad part is that it works.
Holiday Song Of The Day (Video)
The Ramones "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)" is the most under-appreciated Holiday songs of all time, and it's one of my favorites.
If you have not heard this song before, it's because of a conspiracy.
The Bah Humbug Conspiracy:
In 1931, Herbert Hoover wanted everyone's Chris…
Holiday Song Of The Day (Video)
"Dominick the Donkey."
A holiday classic, that used to scare me as a child, but now it makes me angry, because Dominick does not have his own movie.
I think that Dominick does not have his own movie, because holiday movies are prejudice toward Italians, and that is not fair...
Corey Taylor Smacks NXT’s Baron Corbin (Video)
Corey Taylor attended NXT Aftershock, on Sunday, and got involved in the action when NXT's Baron Corbin taunted Corey Taylor, shoving him and saying "Slipknot ain't nobody in my house."
Corey Taylor may have made an enemy out of Baron Corbin, but he also made friends with …
And Now For Something Cute (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played audio from a cute cat singing along with it's owner to 'If You're happy and you know it.' It is very cute and very foreign, they do not sing in English, and now I demand that an American one up these foreigne…
Tech Tuesday – North Korea is Hacking Games for Money
Our kookey friends north of the 38th Parallel are at it again. First it was their own distribution of Linux called Red Star, which I did download and install. But I couldn't use it because it was in Korean. Now, Kim Jong-Il is having people hack games to make some real world cash.