Reggae On The Rocks Security Guard Dances In-Between Sets
The power of music, what a beautiful thing. Young or old, people dig it! Music lightens us up, brings us out of a funk (hopefully) and most importantly soothes the soul.  Music may even motivate a random security guard at a reggae festival in Colorado to get 'jiggy wit it'. Sorry for …
Q-Ruption And Alice In Chains Meet & Greet [PHOTOS]
This past Tuesday hundreds of you flocked to SPAC in Saratoga for our annual Q-Ruption music festival which featured Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction, Coheed and Cambria and many more. Check out some photos of the opening bands as well as the meet and greet with Alice in Chains.
Middle Class Rut Performs Aunt Betty Live [VIDEO]
From time to time I find myself totally hooked on a tune. You know what I mean? I'll listen to it over and over and over again. I think we all do that, to be honest. Although, I have tried to calm it down a bit- I hate getting burnt on tunes. This song though, I don't know- I can't pu…
Major Q103 Concert Announcement Today at 5:30pm
The giant red phone in the Q103 studio just rang and alerted us to a MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT today with Dalton Castle at 5:30pm.  Of course we really would like to tell you now.. so we posted five videos - it's one of those bands.  Get ready to have your ass kicked and your summer …
Metallica to Unveil New Stage at Mexico Shows
Metallica are gearing up for some serious touring this year, including headlining their own Orion Music + More 2012 festival in Atlantic City, N.J. Now, the heavy metal legends have announced two shows taking place in Mexico along with a immense new stage setup.

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