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Who Do You Think Is Headlining Q-Ruption 2012 [POLL]
Last year over 12,000 Q103 listeners saw Godsmack headline Q-Ruption 2011 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Monday afternoon at 5pm with a Q-Ruption performer special guest host in studio, we'll be announcing this years biggest summer rock festival. Take a guess and vote who you think w…
Concert Announcement Tuesday at 5pm [VIDEO] [POLL]
Alright all you rockin head bangers.  Q103 has a major concert announcement today. Tune in at 5pm to find out as Dalton will let it all out.  All we know is, you asked for it and you got it!  We really would like to tell you now but we have been sworn-ed to secrecy, so we'll give…
Major Q103 Concert Announcement Today at 5:30pm
The giant red phone in the Q103 studio just rang and alerted us to a MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT today with Dalton Castle at 5:30pm.  Of course we really would like to tell you now.. so we posted five videos - it's one of those bands.  Get ready to have your ass kicked and your summer …
Q103 Concert Announcement Today at 5pm
2012 is only 10 days old and we already have some great shows scheduled to come to the Capital Region such as Everclear, Gigantour and Filter.  This afternoon another big show is being added to the list.  One of the video's after the jump is from the band that is coming - Take a guess…
Q103 Concert Announcement Monday at 5pm!
Monday afternoon at 5pm, tune in all your radios for a Q103 Concert Announcement.  Some great bands have come thru the Capital Region lately, but this band hasn't been in the area in a long time.  Any guesses?
Q103 Concert Announcement Monday 7am
Monday morning at 7am while listening to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show - BJ will be announcing a Q103 concert coming to the area.  Want a hint? click thru after the jump.
Major Q103 Concert Announcement Tuesday at 5pm
An Eruption is coming Tuesday at 5pm, just before the Free Beer & Hot Wings Happy Hour. We will make a Major, Big, Massive, Colossal, Enormous, Huge, Tremendous,  Q103 Concert Announcement.   Here are 5 bands it is not.