Open Letter to the Grammar Police
I'm at my wits end with people on Facebook. I know, I know, first world problems, but seriously. The grammar-spelling-properly constructing a sentence-paragraph and/or thought police have gotten way out of hand. Like, waaay out of hand!
Tech Tuesday – $25 Computer on A Stick
The One Laptop per Child program was meant to get computers into the hands of kids that couldn't afford them, giving them the ability to have the tools to learn like many kids in 1st world countries. But this new computer aims to increase the reach that OLPC started, and doing it for only $25.
Monopoly Game Gets Revamped
The days of sitting around an old-fashioned Monopoly game board rolling the dice, using paper money and little figurine markers are over. The game has had a complete technological make-over, and is now using a computer which will monitors each player's activity.