Toyota Reinvents The World In Their 2012 Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]
As someone who partially owns a Toyota, I know that there cars are pretty good.  So in their Super Bowl ad this year, Toyota decided that while reinventing their cars they would also reinvent other things.  Such as the couch.  No longer will it have cushions, it will be made up of bea…
The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
Super Bowl ads tend to have more longevity than traditional commercials thanks to their large budgets, creative freedom and overall goal to keep you glued to the TV between quarters. Some, however, aren't remembered for the joy they brought but rather for the public outcry they produced.
The Most Epic Pizza Commercial Ever Made [VIDEO]
Not sure if this product is real or not, but it is one hell of a commercial.  It's called Pizza Boomerang and maybe it's soon coming to you.  If you like pizza, Greek gods and a severed penis then you will surely love this video.  I think that we should hire these guys to cu…