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Colonie Center Sears to Close
When I think of Colonie Center, I think of sears. I suppose I will need to allow another store to come to mind now. All the details you need are here.
Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Other Mall’
Tomorrow, Jan. 7, is Colonie Center's 50th Anniversary and there is going to be a big party there from 1-3 p.m. There will be live music, food, and prizes.
As a representative of Latham and North Colonie, I will be boycotting the event, and I hope that it snows.
Whole Foods Colonie Center Location Will Bring 200 Jobs
Organic and specialty supermarket replaces wrenches and tires as Whole Foods Albany continues construction on their Colonie Center location, right where Sears once sat. While Whole Foods hasn't set an official start date, they are hoping to open late Spring. Oh, they are looking to fill 200 pos…
Holiday Flash Mob At Colonie Center [VIDEO]
Everybody enjoys a good flash mob, unless it’s that really annoying AT&T commercial. This one is really cool and happened right here in our own backyard. A group decided to break out the “Carol Of The Bells” at Colonie Center for all the holiday sh…