Why Does The Cold Make You Need A Bathroom?
At first, I thought it was just me. Every time I walk into the cold, within seconds I think "Oh,man! I should have hit the can before I came out!".
Turns out, there once again is a scientific reason for the need to pee when hitting the cold...
Help Me Find A Cure
Allergies have plagued me for two weeks now, my nose is runny, my throat is scratchy, my shoulders ache and my temperature goes up on a daily basis.
Is It Fall Wardrobe Time Yet?
The temperature is starting to go down in the Capital Region but it does not bother me because real men don't get cold they just chill, but when is it time to break out the Fall wardrobe?
Four Things To Do In The Bitter Cold
I think I speak for all of us when I say I've had ENOUGH of this winter!!!
We can sit back and cry about sub-zero weather or we can embrace it and in some cases, turn it into a unique experience that those in the warmer climates will never have...
A Message To Mother Nature [VIDEO]
I've had it! Time for warmth, bikini's, fires, beers and everything that comes with spring and summer, stat!! Mother Nature has ruined what used to be an awesome season. Yeah, I actually enjoyed winter months ago, but now, this ish blows!
When Will The Albany Area Warm Up?
That is the question of the day, week and season. The weather around here has been less than delightful and extremely frightful. With ridiculous snow and cold temps since Thanksgiving everyone wants to know: When the hell is it going to warm up?
Global Warming Is Real, Here’s The Proof [VIDEO]
I can't believe people are saying that Global Warming isn't real. I just looked outside and the sun is shining bright. It looks and must feel like a 70 degree day, in January!!! Clearly Global Warming is real and happening, now!
Introducing The Reverse Microwave [VIDEO]
Finally someone has done it! The good people of V-Tex Technology bring you the reverse microwave.
“Ya know, it makes, like, ice so fast. It makes, like, beer ice cold and pizza that’s too hot it makes it, like, a little bit colder so you don’t burn the roof of yo…
Cold Weather Headed To The Albany Area
With temps only reaching into the teens for the rest of the week, it's essential that one bundles up, right? Hat, gloves and multiple layers will assure warmth as a blast of 'winter' hits the Albany area. BTW, while we're used to 'cold' temps, how long has it been since…
Cold Release “American Dream” [VIDEO]
Jacksonville, Florida group Cold's "American dream" has been coming true since its initiation in 1996, and despite a three-year hiatus, the band have still manged to sell millions of albums, two of which were certified gold. Superfiction, the latest studio album, released last July. The vi…

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