McDonald’s Sued Over Hot Water
Wait - are we in 1992 all over again?
A women is suing McDonald's over hot water she was given that burned her claiming customers are unaware of the 'unique harm' when employees serve the item.
Watch Kids Try Coffee For The First Time
Kids grow up to fast these days. The other at the grocery store I saw, what looked to be, a 7 years walking around with a Starbucks coffee along side her mom doing the same. Coffee at 7? To me that's crazy.
I remember the first time I tried to coffee, I hated it. Thankfully these kids also feel …
Which Is Better To Wake Up To: Coffee or Morning Sex?
Which is better to wake up to: Coffee or Morning Sex?
If you said Sex, you are in the minority. Not kidding either.
When it comes to the first thing you see or do in the morning, which is better coffee or sex? A question that was asked by Méridien Hotels & Resorts in a recently com…
21 To Drink Coffee? FDA Might Create Age Restrictions
Many, many years ago the FDA approved caffeine to added to products. This was when soda drinks were being introduced to the market place. With the way more and more products are being released with caffeine infusions, the FDA worries about the health effects on children.

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