Coffee Snob (Video)
I am a coffee snob but unfortunately I can not actively be snobbish because I can't always afford the good coffee, but I still try to be a coffee snob and that is what this episode of Behind the Q is about.
Coffee, Coworker, Sexual Assault? (VIDEO)
In Minnesota a woman is trying to fix a hole in the law, after she discovered that a coworker had been ejaculating in her coffee for 6 months, and was dismissed on charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct.
WATCH: Coffee Expert Judges ‘Fast Food’ Coffee
On your way to work in the morning you may stop off for a coffee from somewhere like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, or even a gas station like 7-Eleven.
How do those coffees stand up to high grade coffee? Well Buzzfeed answers that question.

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