Wake-Up Vibe: The Vibrator Alarm Clock For Women
Never again will she wake up grumpy. This new Wake-Up Vibe alarm clock is simply genius. The tone of the day will be set immediately from the moment she wakes up. I need to thank the good people of Wake-Up Vibe for changing the alarm clock game...
What Time Is It At Albany’s City Hall?
Depending upon what side you look at clock tower above Albany's City Hall will tell you what time it is... maybe. If you are standing on the west side, you won't know what time it is until you look at the north, south or east side, because the west side clock is missing. The clock has bee…
Meat-Eating Furniture, No For Real
If you don't have batteries handy for your clock, or if you have a problem with mice in your house, never fear. With meat-eating furniture in the works all of your problems will be solved. All you need is a few flies and some cheese.