Reboot And We Riot
On Monday I posted a blog on the possible "A Nightmare On Elm Street" reboot, I included a link to a list of upcoming reboots off of IMDB, I did not like that list, so I made a list of movies that should never be rebooted.
What Classic Movie Are You Missing Out On?
Eric Zane of The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has never seen "Poltergeist" & I have a friend who has never seen any of the "Back To The Future" movies. Me... Well I am a Real American Movie Critic, however I must confess, I have nev…
What’s The Best Christmas Movie Of All Time? [POLL]
In my opinion it's "A Christmas Story," but there are so many holiday classics out there that it is hard to choose just one. We all grew up watching certain movies and came to favor different ones as we grew up, but which ones do we cherish the most? Vote for your favorite aft…