Police Send Christmas Cards to Repeat Offender
Surrey Police are sending some holiday cheer and reminder serial offenders that they are on their "naughty list" with a series of Christmas cards. The cards are also to remind the recipients the consequences if they re-offend during the holidays.
‘Ditto’ Christmas Lights A Hit On Net
The last couple of years some neighbors have become huge hits on the net with their "lack" of competition when it comes to Christmas light displays. Kristina Green in Maricopa, AZ has found success this year doing the same as her neighbor put up some 20,000 lights in their display.
10 Grinches Who Tried to Ruin Christmas
Christmastime should be about family, generosity and good cheer, but sometimes there are a few baddies lurking about to spoil everyone’s fun. We’re talking about nasty Christmas villains here. Thankfully most of them are merely figments of some storyteller’s imagination. But not all of them. There a…
TheFW’s Offbeat Holiday Gift Guide
Even though we're huge fans of Christmas, the holiday season can be super stressful at times. This is particularly true when it comes to buying presents. Most people are difficult to shop for, which puts tons of pressure on us to try and decode their present preference. Will our friend like that pot…
A Skrillex Christmas Light Show [Video]
We've seen the videos over the years of houses with a Christmas light displays set to music featuring the likes of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Marilyn Manson, etc.  We can now welcome Skrillex to the group.
Babes Dressed as Santa – Want to See Them?
We're getting into the holiday spirit the best way we know how - babes! We were trying to figure out how to present babes in the most festive way we could and we figured wearing Santa hats, and mostly only those hats would be festive. Maybe we're wrong - but we don't know that until y…
Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Bluetooth Speaker – Tech Tuesday Gift Tip
I said I would be doing this last Sunday on the air as the time has come. It's time for everyone to do their shopping and get some goodies for the friends and family we love. I mean why would you get something for someone you hated right? But I digress, here is a sweet little sound system that will …

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