Weird Moments From SantaCon 2012
This past Saturday, SantaCon took over New York City. For all of you unfamiliar with this classic American holiday, it's an entire day dedicated to dressing up like Santa Claus and getting a little crazy frolicking around with fellow Saint Nick look-a-likes. It's sort of like a massive Christmas fla…
The 10 People You’ll Encounter at Your Office Christmas Party
One of the reasons we love the holidays so much is that there are tons of ways we can celebrate. Ugly Christmas sweater parties probably rank at the top of our favorites, just because wearing the ugliest cardigan ever in the name of holiday spirit is strangely fun. So what ranks towards the bottom o…
Top 5 Christmas Songs That DON’T Suck – #5
Tired of the holiday crap you hear at every story? I'm mean how many times and different versions of 'Silver Bells' can you hear before your head explodes?
So here is the alternative, The Styles List: Top 5 Christmas Songs THAT DON'T SUCK!
The Ultimate Relationship Gift Guide
There's just two weekends till Christmas, and you are in a relationship. I don't care how many times you talked about it, or how many times you agreed not to get each other something, you're both going to be disappointed if there's nothing from each other under the tree...
10 Festive Christmas Photobombs
Contrary to popular belief, photobombing is super hard, and it requires a lot of skill. For starters, you have to get the timing down perfectly and do it so no one posing actually notices your moves leading up to the photobomb.
What’s The Best Christmas Movie Of All Time? [POLL]
In my opinion it's "A Christmas Story," but there are so many holiday classics out there that it is hard to choose just one. We all grew up watching certain movies and came to favor different ones as we grew up, but which ones do we cherish the most? Vote for your favorite aft…
Hot Babes Dressed as Naughty Santa
Tis the season for hot girls to dress up like naughty Santa, naughty elves, and a few other outfits that'll get them on the holiday naughty list. Okay - all of these photo will land them on the naughty list w/out passing go or collecting anything. Perhaps even to jail in some states!
Police Send Christmas Cards to Repeat Offender
Surrey Police are sending some holiday cheer and reminder serial offenders that they are on their "naughty list" with a series of Christmas cards. The cards are also to remind the recipients the consequences if they re-offend during the holidays.

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