‘Home Alone’ Reenacted With Pugs [VIDEO]
How can you take the best MaCaulay Culkin film and make it even better?
Simple, you replace all the actors with pugs! Also you let a 6-year-old child narrate the whole thing.
This has got to be the best use of pug puppies one could ever have...
Most Expect To Gain Weight Over Holiday Season
With Thanksgiving coming up, many people are thinking that they are going to "eat smart" during the holiday season. Let's face facts; that's a novel idea in thought but once that spread is in front of you, how can you say "no?"
With that in mind, many of …
Text, Don’t Call Your Relatives This Holiday Season
The holidays presents many awkward conversations with family members you talk to rarely or if ever at all. What if you could avoid having those phone conversations that end with you looking for a way to get off the quickly?
According to a new survey, you won't have to worry about calling those f…
Holiday Music – Most People Think It’s Too Early For It
It's seems like Christmas is creeping in earlier and earlier every year. In some cases, you see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween decorations and in extreme cases; holiday music weeks before Halloween.
While stores are hoping to get you in the holiday mood this year and spend your…
What Holiday Jobs Offer the Best Opportunities and Benefits?
If you’ve been considering a seasonal job to bring in some extra cash during the holidays, it’s time to start going through the job listings. (Check sites like Indeed, GrooveJob and Snag a Job for opportunities in your area, or visit a company’s site or location directly.) There are numerous opportu…

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