Are These Cheerleaders Too Hot? (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show They are talking about how The University of Oregon board member thinks that their Cheerleaders are dancing too suggestively. I am not going to show you what they said on the news about it, instead I am just going to let you be the judge.
Famous Movie Cheerleaders Then and Now
Despite the fact that we weren't the biggest fans of cheerleaders in real life, there is something about cheerleaders in movies that earns much less of our ire. Perhaps it's that bad things happen to them. Perhaps it's that they are so mean it goes beyond cruel and straight to funny.
Cheerleading Coach Fired For Working At Hooters
by ph-stop
I’m a huge supporter of Hooters, it is a fine establishment. They have delicious food, a fantastic atmosphere and delightful traditional tasteful uniforms. And an owl as a mascot is just down right brilliant. But the school board in Florida has gone too far!
Dallas Cowboy Tryouts Underway [VIDEO]
The process of filling the 36 spots on the Dallas Cowboys' iconic cheerleading squad began this weekend, with 300 lovely and ultra-fit ladies attending an open tryout in Dallas.
No Cheerleaders
A Superbowl without CHEERLEADERS!!!  Superbowl XLV with the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers may be the first in Superbowl history without cheerleaders on the NFL sideline.
Buffalo Jills Visit [Update]
If you missed the Buffalo Jills visit over the weekend you clearly missed a great time. If you did come check out the gallery and see if you can find yourself with the girls - We added more!  Thanks to Keisha and Ruby for coming to hang with us...

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