New Teen ‘Challenge’ Causing Harm Involves Deodorant
Because people couldn’t stop at Tide pods? Or just use hygiene items as directed?  According to News 10 abc, a warning is going around about a new ‘challenge’ involving deodorant.  News 10 abc reported on a UK girl who suffered second degree …
The Spirit of Buffalo (Video)
I have sampled a lot of chicken wings in my time but none of those wings can compare to the wings my good friend Kirpaul makes that he calls "The Spirit of Buffalo."
You Can’t Watch This Video and Not Laugh
Can you watch this video without laughing? You just can't. Cue Barney Stinson's "Challenge Accepted!" and try it out. Take the 4 minute challenge and see if you can win... and by that I mean you're really depressing and need to laugh more.
The Turkey Slurpee Challenge (Video)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I discovered a new holiday tradition, the "Turkey Slurpee Challenge." then I discovered it was dangerous, but I did it anyway.
My fellow Americans,
I slurped the turkey for America...
Turkey Slurpee (Video)
In my quest to restore the Thanksgiving spirit in America, I have rediscovered the "Hand Turkey," and now I have discovered the "Turkey Slurpee," for America.
Although the "Turkey Slurpee" is about a year old, it's new to me, it may be new to…

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