Celebrity Actor Helps Capital Region Teenager with Bucket List
I'm all about people doing good and helping other people, so when I stumbled upon this story, I had to blog about it.  The Times Union reported that Chris Pratt, an actor and comedian , helped Shenendehowa High School student Jacob Monday check off a box on his bucket list...
Did You Ever Notice?
Last week Candace referenced 'Stranger Things' in one of her blogs and it reminded me of this question: Is it just me or does Matthew Modine in 'Stranger Things' look like Steve Caporizzo?
Bruce Dickinson Turns 57 (Video)
Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson celebrates his 57th birthday today, if you ever needed an excuse to blast Iron Maiden, then today is your day, because today is Bruce Dickinson's day!
Meet Corey And The Angels (Video)
Corey And The Angels consist of actor Corey Feldman and lingerie models who can play instruments, they recently performed at a Minor League Baseball game, afterward the teams general manager apologized for the band's performance.
It’s Dr. Seuss Day!
Don't let the snow blow your smile away, because today is Dr. Seuss day! On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show  they are making fun of stuff, but they don't update their web site soon enough. So I have no links for you, but it's ok, because today is Dr. Seuss Day…
See Madonna Fall Down
See Madonna fall down and laugh at her expense. Laugh at her with your friends, co-workers and family. It is fun to laugh at the misfortune of annoying celebrities, especially Madonna, but the question is; What was the greatest celebrity fail of all time?

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