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Motley Crue & Cee Lo Jam Live [VIDEO]
I think it's great when two artists you would never dream of get together and combine songs into  a better song!  That happened in June at Motley Crue show when Cee Lo Green joined them onstage for a mashup of "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" and his "F--k You".   The songs fit…
Cee Lo-New Version Of F– You Song [Video]
Even if you don’t care for Cee-lo, you would have to have some appreciation for this one as it pays tribute to volunteer firefighters. It’s just as catchy as his ‘F—You’ song, but instead of having a little angst towards a past lover, this …
Warming Up To Cee Lo –NSFW
If you saw him on the Grammy Awards last night, what was your first though? Wow, it’s a big, fat, black version of Elton John right?