John Stamos To Replace Charlie Sheen?
After hearing the news that Two and a Half Men, starring Charlie Sheen, would be cancelled for the rest of the season, the chances of the show actually ever returning seemed grim. Things might be looking up, however, as CBS may have a replacement, and it's Uncle Jesse, er, I mean John Stamos.
Nic’s Expressions
What the eff is going on in our world today?!  Christina, Charlie- are you tired of hearing about this already?  I'm going to give it all to you straight with Nic's Expressions.  No holding back.
Dancing With The Stars- Season 12 Cast Announced
It's hard to believe that there have already been 11 seasons of the hit television show Dancing with the Stars. Since 2005, dozens upon dozens of celebrities have embraced the stage of CBS's Television City in Hollywood, California, all competing for the winning spot. Now that the cast of season 12 …
CBS Shuts Down Two And A Half Men
Charlie Sheen has really done it this time.  Thanks to some crazy rants earlier today that slammed "Men" creator Chuck Lorre, CBS has decided to pull the plug on this season of the hit show.
Does George Clinton Still Rock?
I saw him at Northern Lights 10 years ago and he certainly could then. He was one funky fat man who knew how to get his groove on. From what I remember, there was a lot of pot in the room too,