A New Traffic Pattern For Rexford Bridge
Rexford Bridge is a known slow spot for traffic. Many parents picking their kids up in Niskayuna and many people trying to avoid the Northway. Now it will be a little smoother for travel.
“Pick Out Your Whip, So You Can Nae Nae.” (Video)
In Wichita, Kansas the owner of a car dealership, decided that the best way to sell cars, is to dance, instead of saying "HUGE!"
For the record, I Dan America, have never "Whipped" and I have never felt the need to "Nae Nae."
Instead, I danced with a fine young woman nam…
Breakdown And It’s Not Alright
In 2005 while attempting to drive home from Hudson Valley Community College, I accidentally caused a traffic jam on Menands Rd, I backed up traffic from Loudonville to Troy.

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