What Is The Worst Chocolate In The Box?
No matter what verity box of chocolates you buy there is always going to be that one or two nobody will dare put in their mouth. Why keep making boxes with these disgusting filler flavors? Here is the breakdown of what the best and the worst kinds of chocolates there are.
Do Gummi Bears Make You Poop?
I don't know about you but gummi bears are like crack to me. I would probably give my left testie for the last bag of those soft chewy treats. Think last Twinkie, Woody Harrelson, Zombieland. Yeah, they're that good.
5 Ways To Avoid Giving Out Candy On Halloween
Halloween is not just the day when all the ladies get to wear skimpy outfits and the guys dress up like women gilt free. Halloween is still the tradition of children dressing up in costumes and ringing every stranger on their block's door bell begging for candy...
10 Variations of Popular Candies You Probably Missed
People love candy: The average American spends $84 on and consumes about 23.9 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. With all that money and attention, you'd think it would be hard for a candy product to fail. Not true. Many candy products come and go without much notice. Here are 10 variations o…
Dalton’s Battle With Junior Mints
This might be less of a “battle” and more just an exchange of clever tweets. What started as merely a terrible joke I put on twitter sparked a short conversation with the people of Junior Mints.

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