call of duty

New Music from Avenged Sevenfold!!
The wait is over!! Avenged Sevenfold posted today on their Facebook page that their new song with be featured on the new Call of Duty and will be released tommorow on ITunes. But why wait, I got here for ya ;)
New Call Of Duty Has Gamers Excited
The latest Call of Duty game comes out tomorrow, well midnight most places.  Nerds everywhere are super pumped for it and no doubt it will leave many people on their couches with hands stuck in the video game controller position.
Tech Tuesday – Get Your LAN Party On in Albany
The LAN parties I'm talking about are not about taking the XBox 360 and hooking up to someone's home network and playing side by side, which you could do. This more about the computer gaming side, using PCs. It's still very much active and alive. QuakeCon is still a big event and StarCraft tourna…