You Need This to Be a Bro
Once agian, thank you Craigslist! I didn't know that THIS was the secret weapon I need to be a true bro and make the ladies weak in the knees.
As only a true used car salesman can do, this guy weaves a beautiful tale of BS that makes me want his old piece of crap trucks...
Bros VS Hipsters [VIDEO]
Stereotypes are always a good thing. But what happens when they start to blend together? Check out this video that takes you down the confusing road of Bros VS Hipsters.
Super Mario Bros As Indy Film
I was tooling around YouTube when this popped up on my recommended videos.  It is an indy film that tackles the story of one of my favorite video games of all time, Super Mario Bros.  It is the video game meets reality, meets awesome.  People attending this years SXSW Film fest got a …