break up

Happy Red Tuesday
Today is the day that you are must likely to get dumbed by your significant other because it is a week before Valentines Day.
Jet Breaks Up
After 11 years together, Jet have broken up. The Australian band posted a message on its website today (March 26) that broke the news to its millions of fans worldwide.
6 Movies To Help You Break Up With a Girl
Are you lazy? Do you not want to deal with the fuss of breaking up with your significant other? Do you want to drop a blatant hint without having a three-hour conversation about the relationship? Here is a list of six movies to aid you in the process of breaking up with a girl.
Kat Von D and Jesse James Break Up
Before the wedding took place this summer they broke up.  Kat Von D and Jesse James have split and called off the wedding.  The reason - long distance.  Kat Von D lives in Los Angeles and Jesse James lives in Texas.
30 Seconds To Mars Breaking Up?
It was just a few short months ago that Los Angeles trio 30 Seconds to Mars rocked the town of Clifton Park. They put on an amazing show and brought the crowd to another dimension. They were cohesive and seemed to be a three-way match made in, shall we say, mars. However, the music world got news to…