boston marathon

Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine [NSFW-VIDEO]
So much craziness has went down in the last 24 hours that I'm literally ready to explode. After 9-11 came increased security procedures federally, which I think, has made most of us feel a little at ease. Then yesterday happened.
Craig Ferguson On The Boston Marathon Bombings [VIDEO]
You know, being a dude who goes on the radio every night I have to say, my job is awesome. It's cool to go on the air, act a fool, and try my to hardest to entertain you. One thing I'm still working on is effectively being that entertainment outlet, especially when occurrences are happenin…
Local Hero Emerges From Boston Marathon Bombings
Back in 1995 James Plourde graduated from Colonie High School, went on to Siena College, where he graduated in 2000 and promptly moved to Boston to become a teacher. It didn't take long before 'Jim' became a Boston firefighter.

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