Boston Bombings

Uncle of Bombing Suspects Speaks to Media
The uncle of the bombing suspects, Ruslan Tsarni, spoke to the media a short time ago and expressed his disgust with what his nephews have done. He pleaded for Dzhokar, also known as suspect #2, to turn himself in and ask the victims for forgiveness.
FBI Releases Photos of Suspects in Boston Bombing
Late Thursday afternoon (4/18) the FBI held a press conference regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon which occurred in Boston on Monday. Here is the latest information that the FBI released to the media regarding this act of terror.
Craig Ferguson On The Boston Marathon Bombings [VIDEO]
You know, being a dude who goes on the radio every night I have to say, my job is awesome. It's cool to go on the air, act a fool, and try my to hardest to entertain you. One thing I'm still working on is effectively being that entertainment outlet, especially when occurrences are happenin…