black friday

A Dan America Thanksgiving (Videos NSFW)
I fear that I've failed in my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, and now, this is my last stand, because Americans will go shopping, it's hard to compete with a good sale, especially when you're not selling anything.
Americans will continue to refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving bec…
Black Friday Is Coming (Videos NSFW)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I rediscovered the origin of Thanksgiving, thanks to some kids on the History Channel, now I think that, maybe Squanto did show us how to use the land, so that we can go shopping...
Walmart’s Biggest Black Friday Seller Was a 29 Cent Towel
Black Friday has come and gone, but not without incident. Many reports of fights, injuries, and even one shopper losing their life have come in from around the country. Most of these melees were over "big discounted" items like TVs, gaming systems, and more.
Can you believe though that the …
Black Friday Fights – First Viral Videos This Year
Funny how one day after we are "Thankful for everything we have," we're ready to beat one another over saving a few dollars - Welcome to Black Friday shopping.
Here is the first of what we assume will be many, many shopping fight videos from around the country.

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