Michael Bolton Records New Birthday Song
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show Just informed us all that instead of settling for the same old birthday song, that is owned by Warner Brothers. You can have Michael Bolton sing his new "Birthday Song" to you.
Who Would You Jam With For Your Birthday?
Tenacious D, Slash, Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth and more showed up to David Grohl's birthday party for an all-star jam concert. Just in case you were wondering, there is no mention of Courtney Love being there.
Birthday Freebie’s in the Albany Area
It may not be your birthday today, but it's statistically probable that you have one at least once a year. When you were a kid, that meant making your parents arrange a party with your friends, so their parents could buy you gifts.
Now that you're an adult (technically speaking) the part of your frie…
Best Birthday Surprise Ever
Let me start with this: I hate birthdays! And for the record, it's my birthday I hate. Especially now. I mean, I'm four years away from 40. The thrill is gone, if that makes sense?  Even though I hate June 15 with a passion, I have to give credit where credit is due.
California Man Marks 100th Birthday By Skydiving
Have you ever jumped out of an airplane for fun? If so then you know how exciting and amazing of an experience it is, let alone the adrenaline rush. I've done it and definitely can't wait to do it again. I cannot even fathom doing it as a senior citizen someday, but apparently I might be alone in th…

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