Angry Birds–The Movie
I love and am addicted to the iPhone/iPod game Angry Birds.  I can't get enough of it.  I came across this obvious, but still hilarious, fake trailer for an Angry Birds movie.  It's set up like a dramatic war movie where the birds are our secret ammo for the new sling shot w…
Addicted To Angry Birds? Mike Tyson Has Your Cure
These days Mike Tyson is everywhere.  His latest gig is curing addiction.  Not drugs or alcohol, but Angry Birds.  I know that I got sucked into the game for a while.  I couldn't stop playing.  But with Mike Tyson's help I have finally kicked the habit.
Bird And Fish Deaths: A Sign Of The Apocalypse?
There has been a lot of hype about birds falling from the sky dead, a whole flock of them in Arkansas and now reports of it happening around the world.  Whole schools of fish have been found dead as well and a lot of people are crying that this is all a sign of the apocalypse in 2012.