US Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team Will Wear Bikini’s [PHOTOS]
USA Olympian Misty May-Treanor told the NY Post, that despite new rules that will allow women's volleyball team's to wear shorts and t-shirts, the US team will continue to wear skimpy bikini's during competition.   Thank god, because if they didn't I think I would have …
Bikini’s & Surf [VIDEO]
The title says it all - This is probably the hottest video you will watch all day.  Three hot girls knocking down waves in Mexico while enjoying Cinco de Mayo.  On a rainy day like today, enjoy the sun, the surf and the bikini's.  You can thank us later.
National Bikini Day
Bikini's were out in full force this past 4th of July weekend, but don't put them away yet. Today is National Bikini Day to honor Louis Reard who invented the bikini in 1946.  For your viewing pleasure, we created a gallery of bikini's some old and new styles...
Solar Powered Bikini Puts a Charge into Sunbathing
If you happen to see a girl on the beach in a metallic-textured bikini this summer, that doesn't necessarily mean she's trying to make a fashion statement.
In fact, she might be using her beachwear to power up her cell phone.