Beards Can be Just as Dirty as Toilets
It looks like there’s a reason that our producers, Joe and Steve, are always talking crap.
Research in New Mexico has shown that beards can have as much bacteria as a toilet, including the particles of bacteria found in poop. Gross!
Razor Industry Suffers Profit Lose Thanks To Beards
Movember & No Shave November are all apart of men raising awareness for various charitable causes throughout the month of November. I took park in this and found myself keeping my beard. A lot of guys are apparently with me in this as the razor industry are seeing a decline in sales;
No Shave November Begins Friday – Join & Donate Today
November is a special month in men's health awareness across the country. Many raise awareness for men's cancer with MOVEMBER, where you grow a mustache all month long. Others do so by participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, where you grow a beard all month without trimming or shaving.
Don't ask me how t…